Seller Protection

TheNaira takes your security and peace of mind seriously. To reinforce our commitment to building trust and safety in marketplace, we work with our Seller to give them a peace of mind while they focus on their business. When you qualify, TheNaira will work with you to resolve cases, investigate chargeback, and help you deal with other issues that may arise in your transactions as a TheNaira Seller. This page explains the types of transactions that may be covered, the steps you must take to avail yourself our Seller Protection. and how you can protect yourself.

What is covered?

Fraudulent Transactions

We do our best to stop fraudulent transactions before they are completed, but if a fraudulent transaction happens, TheNaira will assist in the investigations and will offer all possible support to ensure an amicable resolution. TheNaira will work with you to try to resolve any fraudulent or unauthorised transactions. However, you will have to provide TheNaira with the information we need to investigate chargebacks and cases filed against you.

Dispute Resolution

If a buyer reports that an item has not been delivered or is not as described, as long as you have followed our Terms and Conditions, TheNaira will attempt to help you resolve these disputes. We strive to protect sellers regardless of the price of their listings. However, Non-Delivery and Not as Described cases, as well as chargebacks may be avoided if you list your items according to our Sellers Terms, and make your shop policy and description as clear as possible.


Sellers may be protected from losing a case if they provide clear documentation that the item was described accurately and consistently throughout the listing and in all associated communications. In addition, a Seller must provide supporting documentation that the item was sent to the Buyer, and proof that the item was delivered by the delivery company within the specified time frame.

How to Qualify for Protection


All registered Sellers are automatically enrolled in our Seller Protection coverage without any further application process when they accept our Terms of Use and Sellers Terms. Nevertheless, a Seller must additionally comply with the following guidelines to protect them against losing money to chargebacks and reversals.

  1. Post your shop returns and exchanges Policies
  2. Use accurate photographs and descriptions when you list items.
  3. Include reasonable and accurate processing times or ship-by dates
  4. Ship your order according to the processing time or ship-by date you listed
  5. Ship the order to the address provided on TheNaira. If in doubt, contact the buyer or cancel sale and issue a refund. Mark the order as shipped after you send it out.
  6. Keep a valid proof of shipping by way of tracking number that shows the order route and delivery progress.
  7. Use TheNaira approved payment system.
  8. Cooperate with investigations conducted by TheNaira, cancel and refund any transactions deemed invalid or unauthorised.
  9. For all intensive purposes, comply with TheNaira Terms and Conditions and the laws of your state and country.

Note that if you use PayPal in your transaction, you are also subject to PayPal’s Buyer and Fraud Protection

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