Who We Are

We offer specialised procurement solutions that put an emphasis on delivering value for money and the  business objectives of our clients.

A Journey towards excellence

We are an independent sourcing and procurement Agency. Thenaira, which was founded in 2011, has developed into a network of procurement professionals with extensive category and industry expertise in both public and private sector procurement. To establish a strategic partnership with suppliers, we collaborate with your client. We have worked with individuals, large and small businesses over many years and we draw on this extraordinary pool of knowledge.

Global commerce. Local perspective

We are a global company that serves clients from many countries. We focus on procuring goods, new and used, for Nigeria and sourcing products from Nigeria. We support the greater business objectives of our clients by providing specialised procurement solutions that place an emphasis on delivering value for money.

Regardless of their individual needs, we offer our clients best-practice procurement assistance. Our services go beyond assistance with acquisitions, we also offer market analysis and guidance. We are an international firm and work for clients across multiple geographies.

Nigeria Global
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Driven by the desire to help

Our aim to assist our clients in obtaining their goals with fewer problems sets us apart from the competition. By giving our clients access to a variety of procurement intelligence and best practises on demand, we assist in the delivery of savings, create strong supplier partnerships, and manage supply chain risk. With the support of our procurement consultants, greater cost savings are provided more quickly and sustainably, which gives peace of mind and allows your business to move forward smoothly.


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