What We're About

What is thenaira?

Thenaira is a dedicated global, online marketplace where the Nigerian community worldwide buys, sells, and socializes. For the Nigerian creative who has never stepped into the world of e-commerce and is looking to be plugged into a niche market, Thenaira is a sure-fire way to jumpstart an online business. We promote made-in-Nigeria products. 

Who We Are

A Journey towards Excellence

We are a small team of individuals who believe in the transformational power of small businesses and are passionate about creative excellence. We envisaged a contemporary marketplace where anyone can find products that fit their culture and lifestyle and sell things that impact the lives of millions of people anywhere, without let or hindrance. We imagined a creative community where you have total freedom to connect with the ideal version of yourself as you shop, sell, or share. It was revolutionary! We then stopped imagining, got together, and began the journey to accomplish just that.

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What We Do

Driven by Creators & entrepreneurs

Launched in 2021, Thenaira empowers local inventors to jump-start their dreams on a platform that does not require coding or design skills. We work hard to make it easy for start-ups, especially those in the infancy of their entrepreneurial journey, to enter a market full of energized shoppers of cultural and lifestyle finds. Our core objective is to connect local creators and indigenous brands with global shoppers and help small independent entrepreneurs build relationships with customers and thrive globally.

How We Work

Global commerce. Local perspective

We are proud to share that we got nominated for the “Emerging Brand Headquarters” award for using the latest practices and technology in helping individuals and small businesses launch their start-up ideas to the global market. We provide free e-commerce tools that make it simple to create an online store from your hand-held device in just a few minutes, and engage your audience from anywhere, anytime. We support all levels of creative and entrepreneurial skills and talent, and we succeed when you do.

Global commerce

Thenaira is a fully engaged community marketplace

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