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We are a Community Social Marketplace.

We are a community that believes that targeted conversation is the key enabler for change in a sustainable society. So we foster constructive conversations while we share, inform, inspire and promote digital activities amongst our entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, and citizens connected by a shared purpose.

We believe that the social network is the driving force of today’s successful enterprise society. So our marketplace facilitates the selling and shopping for new and pre-owned goods and services. Our mission is to connect independent creators, retailers and local brands with consumers seeking special products, and empower consumers with a wide selection of  products and services from anywhere.

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About TheNaira

What We Do.

We Foster Constructive conversations

We combine the power of a social network and intranet into one exclusive community of people with common interests and integrate the sharing of ideas, events, jobs, and much more. TheNaira streamlines internal communications, forges personal and group connections, and helps you market yourself and your brand. Our model incorporates digital technology into traditional retail structures.

Our community-driven marketplace does more than connect creators and local brands with consumers worldwide, it empowers independent entrepreneurs, especially those in the infancy of their entrepreneurial journey. We help to jump-start small entrepreneurs and help large companies enter a market full of energized consumers worldwide.

How It Works.

The community is the bedrock of what we do.

TheNaira is a FREE community network. The social media tools here allow you to publish, advertise, manage, shop, sell and engage your group and target audience. It’s also FREE to create stores and sell on the social marketplace. We believe that small businesses are the lifeline of every society. and we aim to encourage innovation and make online shopping and selling easy. Find out how it works here.

We use the latest practices and technology on the platform to help sellers explore the online retail sector that is increasingly demanding products that have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact; and for buyers to find their everyday essentials.

About TheNaira

We are your community. You are welcome on-board

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